The fashion company Custom Business, which was conceived from an idea of
Vito Di Lorenzo, creates precious leather business bags and accessories. It offers an
innovative and unique style for women and men, which perfectly suits every
situation of the day. Vito Di Lorenzo is an Italian designer and stylist, who is
active between his office in Verona and the company showroom in Milan. He is a
lover of detail as well as high-quality materials. Driven by a strong sense of
sustainability and social responsibility, he and his company CUSTOM BUSINESS
offer to conscious and sophisticated customers the opportunity to purchase items
from the company collection or customise their own creations with the help of an
in-house stylist. This idea has been based from the very beginning on three
pillars: an official 100% Made in Italy certification, customisation, and social and
environmental sustainability.
In 2022 Custom Business received the prestigious “Excellence Artisanal” prize at
the Milan Fashion Global Summit.
Fine leather personalized business bags and accessories
100% Made in Italy certificate.