Material: Calfskin, Ostrich
Width: 37 cm
Heigh: 40 cm
Deep: 11 cm

COD: 998-1-1-1-1 Categoria:


Every aspect of production, from sourcing materials to the final touches, is carried out with utmost care and dedication.
The choice to manufacture exclusively in Italy is a testament to the brand’s ethical values and its commitment to providing unparalleled quality while upholding environmental standards. By keeping the production process within the country, Custom Business® ensures that its products meet stringent quality control measures and support local artisans and manufacturers.
External material: Leather, Ostrich
Internal material: Chamois Leather

  • Model: Tiramisu Custom
  • Materials: ostrich and calfskin
  • Dimension: Height: 37 cm | Width: 40 cm | Depth: 11 cm

Informazioni aggiuntive

Peso 0,764 kg
Dimensioni 84 × 32,6 × 32,6 cm


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