Your idea gives rise to our creation. Hand-crafted bags tailor-made in Italy. We take the idea through all the steps from the design, to the project, creation and delivery - even for a single item.

Combinations: – Choice of leather and colour. – Choice of internal fabric. – External and internal embroidery (e.g. name or initials). – Heat embossing of initials on the outer side. – Tattooing (we can have your design tattooed directly onto the leather).

Choose the model

Each item is a showcase that highlights typical Italian handmade craftsmanship, skills passed on from father to son, thereby creating an exclusive purchase,  tailor-made to suit even the most particular requests.

Choose the kind of leather and colour

You can create the kind of bag best suited to your taste by choosing from the different colours available.

Choose the fabric for the lining

All our bags are internally lined.  Choose the ideal fabric to suit your tastes and needs.

Choose the accessories

We set ourselves no limits and can also offer you the possibility of embroidering your name or initials inside the bag. “The only limit is the imagination”. In fact, you can also choose the colour of the stitching, add customised metal tags and for those who require a particular style, we can even have the leather tattooed by a real tattoo artist.  We use the services of a goldsmith to create the luxury details and we can add all sorts of high-end accessories to our creations


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Fill out the form indicating which product you would like as well as your choice of options and features. We will then contact you in order to create just what you want!

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